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Motherhood and the Mystery of the Cross
September 20, 2009, 7:43 pm
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Jesus blessing pregnant woman

Station – Jesus meets the weeping women  in Pfefferschlag He blesses those who are pregnant and the children in the square in front of the historic village church.

They are a sharing in the mystery of the Cross, in which Jesus reveals the value of every person, and how life attains its fullness in the sincere gift of self. Over and above such outstanding moments, there is an everyday heroism, made up of gestures of sharing, big or small, which build up an authentic culture of life….

Part of this daily heroism is also the silent but effective and eloquent witness of all those ‘brave mothers who devote themselves to their own family without reserve, who suffer in giving birth to their children and who are ready to make any effort, to face any sacrifice, in order to pass on to them the best of themselves’.

In living out their mission “these heroic women do not always find support in the world around them. On the contrary, the cultural models frequently promoted and broadcast by the media do not encourage motherhood. In the name of progress and modernity the values of fidelity, chastity, sacrifice, to which a host of Christian wives and mothers have borne and continue to bear outstanding witness, are presented as obsolete …

We thank you, heroic mothers, for your invincible love!

We thank you for your intrepid trust in God and in his love.

We thank you for the sacrifice of your life …”

From: The Gospel of Life, Section 86

…and a little child shall lead them. Isaiah 11:7
September 19, 2009, 1:43 am
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The Trutzhain Madonna. As a ‘Mater gravida’ she is the ‘pregnant Madonna’ with the infant Jesus under her heart.

“Our ailing sight, since the fall, was not able to look upon God to read in Him our duty; the Son of God, in making Himself a little child, has given us a salve wherewith to anoint our eyes and so enable them to see the divine majesty in the humility of our flesh, in order that we might conform our life to His.”

From: Christian Spirituality by Pere P. Pourrat, p. 232. Published in 1922, Burns, Oates and Washbourne, ltd. (London)

The Secret Life of the Unborn
September 3, 2009, 10:44 pm
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Click here to see a beautiful video called The Secret, portraying life in the womb

“Like all unborn babies in the womb, Jesus was physically active in a secret way, but unlike other unborn babies, He was spiritually active: His redemptive activity had already begun. The tiny, young Unborn Jesus had accepted the normal limitations found by infants in the womb and made those same constraints His own.  He, however, did not stop loving with a divine love because He was Incarnate ‑ to have done so would have contradicted His divine nature, and defied the very purpose of the Incarnation.  St. Peter Julian Eymard wrote that: ‘This love inflamed His Heart from the first moment of His conception until His last breath and, since His resurrection, has not ceased nor will ever cease doing so.’ “

From Unborn Jesus Our Hope