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Trustworthy pro-life women heal this world’s wounds, one pregnancy at a time!
October 19, 2009, 9:14 pm
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The Visitation by Elizabeth Wang

Mary embraces Elizabeth…

Within the past couple of weeks I was fortunate to attend two spectacular Pro – Life fundraising dinners in the Los Angeles area ( Los Angeles Pregnancy Services and The Pregnancy Counseling Center) – both are outstanding Pro Life centers which are focused on obtaining ultrasound capabilities on site for the pregnant women who visit them. I tend to find such events a bit emotional – in a good way! – and there were numerous inspiring aspects to both evenings.

But what I would like to address here is the women who spoke who had been planning abortions for themselves (and their little unborns) but were gently persuaded to give birth instead. In every case, the woman would focus on another woman who was either a “sidewalk counselor” or a woman volunteer or staff person in the Pregnancy Counseling Center who reached out with love, offered a reason to choose life, began to uncover the beginnings of hopefulness, revealed themselves as a true friend of the woman-in-need and her unborn child.

Trust is a remarkable thing. We can see it on two levels; trust in God our loving heavenly Father, and trust in another person (or even an organization, but that is less personal). Briefly, trust in God is the foundation of all life:

“For thou, O Lord, art my hope, my trust, O Lord, from my youth.

Upon thee I have leaned from my birth;

thou art he who took me from my mother’s womb.”  Psalm 71:5-6

St. Thomas Aquinas, like the Psalmist above, links the supernatural virtue of trust to the theological virtue of hope. One spiritual writer speaks of “trust’s twin wings”; humility and “an intimate and practical knowledge of God…of his goodness, of his watchful tenderness” (Rev. Paul de Jaegher, S.J.). Trusting God also shows confidence in His Providence and Will. Trusting God seems to engage the heart of the believer; it is not a merely passive thing.

Which leads us back to the woman planning an abortion for herself. When the pro – life woman reaches out in love she is an ‘Icon of Trustworthiness’ – but will the woman contemplating an abortion respond to her? This is where your prayers and mine come in!!!

The women who spoke at the two events I attended revealed that they were in a somewhat “broken” state, humbled…perhaps ready to trust in someone other than themselves. Enter the trustworthy pro-life woman reaching out with compassion and understanding. Trustworthy women save lives! Trustworthy pro-life women heal this world’s wounds, one pregnancy at a time!

Trust in God (and His weak ambassadors) is a key to the Culture of Life! Mary (and Christ within her) reaching out to help Elizabeth (pregnant with John) is God’s timeless Icon for the pro-life movement.

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