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I’ve contacted Congress – Have you?
October 26, 2009, 11:43 am
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Most of my friends are pro-life and are adamantly against the passage of the  pro-abortion Health Care Bill going through Congress. Surprisingly, when I ask this question: I”ve contacted Congress, have you?’ – most of them answer no.  And they always add – I really should. At that point they ask me to send them information about how to get in touch with their Congressperson or Senator.

In case you have friends – who just don’t know how to go about contacting Congress. This is a newsletter to help you get that information out to them.

If you call this number you can ask for your representative by name.  The Congressional switchboard operator  will get you through to them. The phone number is (202) 224-3121.

If you don’t know who your Congressperson or Senators are click here .  Put your zip code in the Get Involved box  and the names of your representatives will be displayed – click on the name you want to contact and a box with information about your Representative will display – the tab in that box  entitled contact will give you all of the information you need to write or phone your representative.

Our opinion is that a personal letter is best, but a personal phone call is also very effective and at this late date may be preferable and third it is also important to  email Congress.

dear congress

Americans United for Life  have an online form that allows you to email your representatives with one easy quick form. Click on the icon below.

email icon

This will take you to Americans United for Life. They make it easy with one form letter that will be sent to both your Congressperson and Senators.

Why is this important?

1. The pro-abortion health care package will pass unless you call.

2. The Democrats and pro-abortion groups are getting their supporters to call.

3. It has been documented by various groups including the Catholic Bishops that the health care bill will pay for abortion. See what the Bishops say – click here.

Click here for a good link at Americans United for Life that gives information on the health care bills.

Americans United for Life have done a great job researching and documenting  the health care bills coming out of Congress and showing how they will fund abortion. What is also troubling is that the Senate committee voted down a conscience clause that Orin Hatch proposed. I believe that if Congress passes the health care bill without a provision specifically outlawing abortion spending – it will be FOCA in disguise.

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