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December 3, 2009, 9:08 pm
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Tis the Season of ‘The Gospel of Life’

STRUEB, Hans and/or Jakob
The Visitation
c. 1505

Cousin Elizabeth was in the sixth month of her pregnancy with John the Baptist. Here is my mother greeting Elizabeth. I blessed unborn John and he leaped for joy. (Luke 1:39-55)


“Humble Elizabeth has an important role in this encounter; Fulton Sheen spoke of it in this way: “One of the most beautiful moments in history was that when pregnancy met pregnancy ‑ when child bearers became the first heralds of the King of Kings.” God moves in mysterious ways.  Fittingly, the elder of the two women present takes the lead in describing the great work God was doing in their midst. Most spiritual writers have held that Mary understood that it was not her mystery to reveal, but one God would make known.  Thus the need for discretion made it unfitting for Mary to proclaim her secret to Elizabeth. However, Mother Angelica notes that “Like all fathers, God could not keep the wonderful secret too long. He had to tell someone, and that someone was Elizabeth….”

Elizabeth seems to have been awestruck by the immediate revelation she received at this moment.  Some people would be similarly overwhelmed should a famous celebrity or world leader walk in their front door, but for Elizabeth there could have been nothing more momentous than the pregnant mother of the Messiah – carrying Him within her – entering her home. The Holy Spirit imparts to Elizabeth the gifts of knowledge and understanding, and she, who is full of good will and faith, is enlightened as to the meaning of what is occurring (Lk 1:42).

Archbishop Goodier notes that “… throughout His life the one desire of Jesus was that He should be discovered; that He should be discovered, and recognized, owned. For every step made in that discovery He was grateful; no man made it but met with reward overflowing. The one thread of interest running through the whole drama of His life is the growth of this discovery.” Unborn John and his mother Elizabeth share in this first discovery together, as if to remind us all that the first place Jesus should be discovered is in the family.”

George Peate,  Unborn Jesus Our Hope

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Hi Michele,
I have heard back from some friends( from Pittsburgh area) that they are getting a lot from your site. It is so informative and inspiring. Thank you for these beautiful meditations for Advent!~Bernie

Comment by Bernie Conklin

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