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December 22, 2009, 10:31 pm
Filed under: Advent, Biblical Reflections, Unborn Jesus

Tis the Season of ‘The Gospel of Life’

Census at Bethlehem by Pieter Bruegel (1566)

The Journey with Joseph

Setting the flask of water down,
he gave his arm to Mary,
and gently, cautiously,
helped her up.
Then her smile…
for she had remembered…
and now held thoughtfully
the swaddling clothes.

Together they had prepared….
her hands moving deftly to weave them;
he, cutting, plying, sanding wood… a cradle crib.
Now, fastening water flask, a little sack of food
bread, a few figs, he sensed
the sadness of her smile for him; they’d leave
without the crib.

One glance back; he untied the beast of burden,
privileged to carry her, and he began the psalm
“My heart is ready…Lord.”;
their prayer of trust,
their prayer of assurance.
Hoofbeats clicked the rhythmic clod
for God’s prophet had readied them…
‘twas Bethlehem.

Mi- cah; Mi-cah;
Town – of – Da – vid

yet…. was BETHLEHEM prepared?

(Sister M. Linus Coyle PBVM)

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