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New Preborn Jesus ministry
March 21, 2010, 9:21 pm
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“Vessel of the Preborn Jesus in Watercolor” by Lea Marie Ravotti

Last week, we had a post about St. Louise de Marillac’s chaplet to Unborn Jesus.  Amazingly, there is a new apostolate that has just formed with a similar idea to St. Louise’s. A few months ago we became aware of this new apostolate. This apostolate encourages Christians to make rosaries while praying the Joyful Mysteries and meditating on Preborn Jesus.  These prayers would be said for mothers with unplanned pregnancies.

How did this originate? Bernie Conklin tells the story:

“It started in the spring of 2009 after completing the 33 day St. Louis de Montfort consecration to Jesus through Mary. A practicing OBGYN I know mentioned to me that a girl was considering an abortion. I told her that I would pray a rosary for the young girl and after seeing her baby on a sonogram, this young mother chose life for her child. Isn’t that a beautiful miracle?

This incident lead me to begin discerning about creating a ministry where cord rosaries, using knots instead of beads, could be made and prayed. Then, the mother with an unplanned pregnancy could be given one of these rosaries as a token of love. The following thoughts kept coming to me, ‘ We meditate on Jesus as the Risen Savior, the Crucified Lord, a Babe in the manger, but not as Preborn Jesus in the womb!’ I thought it would be enlightening if people could visualize Jesus’ presence in Mary’s womb. So as a favor to me for my birthday in July one of my sons sketched the image of Preborn Jesus.”

Here is the image of  Preborn Jesus that he drew.

At this point Bernie prayed:

“Lord, this is a beautiful image of You in the womb. It is estimated at about $50.00 to enlarge it onto an 18×24 foam board, which seemed like a lot. If you want this done, I know You’ll open a window.”

And here is how our Lord answered her prayer:

“I had cleaned this patient’s teeth a few times before, but on this day in July when I was done with his cleaning, he placed money in my hand and complimented my work. Well, you certainly don’t tip your hygienist, but after a few rounds of back and forth he curled my hand around the money and left, yelling, ‘Merry Christmas’ as he went out the door of our office.

As my eyes fell upon the $50 bill, I recalled my prayer from the night before…‘If you want this done, I know You’ll open a window.’

Of course I immediately had the image of the Preborn Jesus enlarged and since then it has been at pregnancy centers, the ‘Truth Booth’ at the Butler Farm Show, an abortion clinic in Pittsburgh and at church functions.”

She adds:  ” Presently, we are making the variegated pink and blue cord rosaries with a medal of Baby Jesus attached. As the rosary is made, the ‘Joyful Mysteries’ of the rosary are prayed. Meditation on the image of Preborn Jesus in the womb is central to this devotion. The rosary is a gift to the mother as well as her child.”

Recently Lea Ravotti, an artist from Pittsburgh, completed the watercolor after seeing the original sketch that Bernie’s son drew. They have worked together to distribute pamphlets that encourage others to take up this devotion. The pamphlets are beautifully illustrated with both images. Also included in the pamphlet is a poem from Preborn Jesus to the mother with child.

If you want to obtain one of these pamphlets you can email Preborn Jesus Ministry at:


or visit their website

Preborn Jesus Ministry

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Just beautiful beyond words

Comment by jean byrnes

How can I get a copy of the Vessel of the Preborn Jesus in Watercolor?

Comment by Joan Graham

I saw Mrs. Conklin on EWTN last night. What an amazing and cool story. May God continue to bless you.

Comment by David J. Ziskie

Please, I want to obtain these pamphlets, 7 of them for myself and some of my friends. I make rosaries all the time, but I make the, what you call, ” Sliding Rosary”, each bead slides toward you and when you have to leave or stop for any good reason, the rosary will show you where you have left off. What is the significance of the “Knot”? Send me you’re address and I will mail you one of my rosaries.
Thank you, and may God bless you, you’re family and ministry.
Mary T. Walker

Comment by Mary T. Walker

I am interested in holy cards of this image to hand out for our spiritual adoption program starting Jan.1,2014. email cecilia.mckenzie@yahoo.com

Comment by ceciliamckenzie

The Preborn Jesus Ministry website is:


Comment by unbornwordoftheday

Thank you most kindly for your interest and prayers! Our new website as of Feb. 1, 2015 is http://www.prebornjesus.com. Face Book is www,facebook.com/prebornjesusministry. Prints and cards can be ordered through our SHOP tab.

Comment by Bernadette Conklin

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