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The Serious decline of Serious Journalism
April 11, 2010, 2:15 pm
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We are changing the focus of our blog for today in an effort to provide a collection of well-written articles on the topic of child sexual abuse media coverage and attempts to smear and discredit the Pope. All sexual abuse of children was and is horrific! But a lot of the ‘reporting’ in today’s mainstream media has degenerated into agenda-driven journalism rather than fact-based journalism. One key agenda item is to destroy the Church and especially its moral teaching capabilities.

With this in mind, we are providing  articles (links) that show just how bad and misleading this reporting has been:

1. This article is written by the canonical judge in the Wisconsin case that the New York Times first broke. I found this article interesting because of how credible it is – This priest wrote it to outline how “sloppy and inaccurate” the “reporting on the Father Murphy case by the New York Times and other media outlets” was. I heard about it and had to search it out.

Update: Milwaukee church judge clarifies case of abusive priest Father Murphy

2. Here is another interesting article on the same Wisconsin abuse case by Father DeSousa – which details the facts.

A Response to the New York Times [Fr. Raymond J. de Souza]

3. On the blog (What Does Prayer Really Say) Father Z documents how the New York Times relied on a faulty translation of letters between the Vatican and the Diocese of Milwaukee in the article they wrote on the abuse case.

NYT used bad translator, made gross errors

4. Here is another interesting article by John Allen. It is called    Will Ratzinger’s Past Trump Benedict’s Present. As he gets into the article he actually shows how Pope Benedict has done more than almost any other churchman to deal forthrightly with the child abuse scandals.

Will Ratzinger’s Past Trump Benedict’s Present

5. This is an article by a Jewish Rabbi who thinks that Cardinal Ratzinger is getting unfair treatment.

Rabbi calls media coverage of Church abuse scandal one-dimensional

6. The following article does a good job of putting a context to the child abuse scandals, Sandro Magister, a veteran Vatican reporter also points out that Cardinal Ratzinger was not the person in charge of investigating these scandals until 2001.

Decoding accusations against Pope BenedictA veteran Vatican watcher describes culture of clerical sex abuse, reporting

7. George Weigel also weighs in with a Newsweek article entitled What Went Wrong.  The subtitle to his article is:  Don’t blame celibacy. To fight the plague of sexual abuse, the church needs to become more Catholic, not less.

What Went Wrong

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