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September 8, 2010, 10:24 pm
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Frescoes in the chapel Leonhard in Nauders – traditio legis, or Christ in the mandorla? (C. 1210) Maria Heimsuchung

The Church celebrates three New Testament era pregnancies in her ancient Church calendar:

MaryHer Conception –  December 8th (The Immaculate Conception of Mary) Her Nativity –  September 8th (nine months later)

John the Baptist: (His Gestation – May 31st; The Visitation) His Birth – June 24th

Jesus: His Conception – March 25th (The Annunciation) (His Gestation –  May 31st; The Visitation) His Nativity –  December 25th (Christmas; nine months later)

The dates are in large part symbolic, though marking actual historical events. We include here the feast day of the Visitation (twice) inasmuch as this feast day encapsulates many profound aspects of these two pregnancies; the two mothers and the two unborn/preborn babies. The Church even has two seasons honoring the pregnancy and birth of Jesus; Advent and Christmastide. Then, to top the whole pregnancy perspective off, there is even a feast day to celebrate ‘Mary Mother of God’ (January 1st). Taken together, these are Culture of Life days of celebration! (Note: Joseph’s fatherhood is also celebrated March 19th and Feast of the Holy Family; Sunday after Christmas.)

Capturing the sentiment in his Encyclical Letter on the Holy Spirit, Pope John Paul the Great says: “The conception and birth of Jesus Christ are in fact the greatest work accomplished by the Holy Spirit in the history of creation and salvation: the supreme grace – ‘the grace of union,’ source of every other grace, as St. Thomas explains.”

And yet, amidst all of this wondrous celebration and joy, there is the little matter of December 28th  –  the feast of The Holy Innocents….during which, in our modern time of Herodian vices run amok, we sadly recall the Gospel story of infant male massacre along with our present day horror of  unborn male and female massacre.

In the spirit of the hidden (unborn) Infancy Gospel, in harmony with the above teaching of John Paul the Great, in the legacy of the Gospel of Life Encyclical, and in solidarity with all unborn children who have died or are at risk, we propose one more feast day relating to the pregnancy of Mary: a feast day of The Unborn Christ Child!

A Feast Day acknowledging boldly that Jesus Christ was a beautiful unborn baby – like other unborn babies – that the Unborn Christ Child is in complete solidarity with all unborn children as He fulfills the Will of God within the womb of His Mother, and that God loves all unborn children. A feast day of Hope and Expectation, honoring pregnant Mothers who, like Mary, strive to follow the Will of God with heroic virtue.

Let us know if you agree, and please share this idea with others!

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Of course. How do you go about a formal proposal of this sort? George’s book lays out the theology beautifully. Start, perhaps, by sending copies to many, many people inside and outside the hierarchy.
Donations required for such a project but could be done.

Comment by Shirley Moore

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