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“There was silence in Heaven, as it were for half an hour”
October 12, 2010, 12:14 am
Filed under: Biblical Reflections, The Eucharist

The Disputation over the Blessed Sacrament (or more appropriately, The Triumph of Religion), painted by Raphael between 1508 and 1511,

“There was silence in Heaven, as it were for half an hour” (Apoc. viii. I)

“Thus the Holy Spirit moves St. John to write in the Apocalypse. He speaks of time in that state where time is no more. He speaks of silence where :”they cease not day and night” to sing the praises of the Lamb, because He wants to bring within reach of our intelligence a fact-and that fact is, that there was wonder in Heaven, so great that, so to speak, the ordinary course of things was stopped.

The Beloved Disciple does not tell us what it was that caused this silence in Heaven, but it may well have been when “the Angels and Archangels and all the company of Heaven, saw a wonder even greater than they saw when the silent Word leaped down from Heaven (Wisdom xviii. 15) to dwell in the womb of the sinless Virgin.

Could any wonder be greater than this? Yes. All the company of Heaven is looking intently once more, and they see their Creator, their God, the Word made Flesh entering into one of his sinful creatures to be his Food-to feed his spiritual life. And “there is silence in Heaven” as they look upon a sight so stupendous.”

Simple Meditations by Mother St. Paul pages 93-94.

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