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October 15, 2011, 9:57 pm
Filed under: Quotes from Great Christians, Unborn Jesus

‘Mary With Child’. oil on linen panel . Kay Eneim 2007

“He was hidden in the womb of His Mother; all  through His life and death on earth, His Divinity was hidden except to a very few; in His Eucharistic life  He will hide Himself to the end of time in the little Host.

He seemed to love hiding when He was on earth and when He did reveal Himself, it was something like a child playing at hide and seek.

He hid Himself from the Samaritan woman till He had heard all her story and then said suddenly : “I am He (the Messias) Who am speaking with thee” (St. John. iv. 26).

The blind man whom He cured had not the least idea Who He was till JESUS, hearing that he had been reviled and cast out of the Synagogue, went and talked to him about the Son of God and then said in the middle of the conversation: Thou hast both seen Him, and it is He that talketh with thee” (chap. ix. 37).

From Mary Magdalen at the sepulchre He deliberately hid Himself under the form of a gardener that He might have the joy of suddenly surprising her with His presence.

Perhaps the most touching story of all is that of the two disciples going to Emmaus ; out of His very love for them, He blindfolded them and then made them look for Him, while He put them off the scent by pretending that He knew nothing about all the things that had been
happening in Jerusalem ; and then when His moment was come their eyes were opened and they knew Him.”  (St. Luke xxiv. 31).

He treats His children in the same way still, He constantly hides Himself from them, leaves them alone to fight and struggle in desolation, solitude and spiritual darkness, and then sometimes shows by His sudden presence how near He has been all the time.”

Mother St. Paul , Ortus Christi, 1921

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