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PRAYING THE WAY OF THE INCARNATION: Returning to Nazareth – Day 14
December 10, 2011, 10:38 pm
Filed under: Advent, Incarnation, Mother of the Lord, Unborn Jesus

Madonna del Parto,  Antonio Veneziano


Mary’s Credo

As Mary travels back to Nazareth she carries not only Christ within her, but also the original kernel of Christian doctrine and spirituality. She holds fast already to a Creed of Christian belief in the formative stages even as her Child is in His formative stages. Her sources of this doctrine thus far supplementing of course, her profound vision and grasp of her own Hebrew faith are the angel Gabriel (sent by God), Elizabeth and the unborn John (inspired by the Holy Spirit), the Levite priest Zechariah (chosen by God, instructed by the angel Gabriel, steeped in His knowledge of the scriptures and with the gift of speech restored inspired by the Holy Spirit) and, most directly, the Incarnate Word of God speaking within her.

As John Paul II said in his Angelus Message on December 8, 1992.

You, O Virgin, found yourself placed at the very heart of these mighty works of God….

You are the living memory of them. You are the Church’s memory….

Mother of the Incarnate Word! You are the human heart’s immaculate sensitivity to all that is of God….


O My Jesus,  help me to be sensitive to all that you are calling me to this day. May I too hold fast to the Christian message that has been given to me. And like Mary may I ponder the message of Your Incarnation during this Advent.

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