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PRAYING THE WAY OF THE INCARNATION: Returning to Nazareth – Day 15
December 11, 2011, 7:39 pm
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Maria Schwanger


“As Mary takes leave of her dear friends, Elizabeth and Zechariah, and their newborn baby, she turns northward with her feet, heavenward and inward with her heart. She recalls the wonderful birth of John, reliving the event, remembering excited faces and rejoicing, marveling at the beautiful little body of that baby. There is no treasure so precious and captivating as the small body of a newborn baby old in months but new in the brilliance of daylight!… For truly it is one of Life’s great secrets: every newborn child is a witness to the Prince of Peace, and every birth day a little Christmas.”    From Unborn Jesus Our Hope


Oh my Jesus, thank You for this Christmas season.  This is a time of hope!  Help me to turn my heart with joy to You, the babe in Mary’s womb. Help the celebration of Your birth be a reminder to me of how precious each life is to You.

PRAYING THE WAY OF THE INCARNATION: Returning to Nazareth – Day 14
December 10, 2011, 10:38 pm
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Madonna del Parto,  Antonio Veneziano


Mary’s Credo

As Mary travels back to Nazareth she carries not only Christ within her, but also the original kernel of Christian doctrine and spirituality. She holds fast already to a Creed of Christian belief in the formative stages even as her Child is in His formative stages. Her sources of this doctrine thus far supplementing of course, her profound vision and grasp of her own Hebrew faith are the angel Gabriel (sent by God), Elizabeth and the unborn John (inspired by the Holy Spirit), the Levite priest Zechariah (chosen by God, instructed by the angel Gabriel, steeped in His knowledge of the scriptures and with the gift of speech restored inspired by the Holy Spirit) and, most directly, the Incarnate Word of God speaking within her.

As John Paul II said in his Angelus Message on December 8, 1992.

You, O Virgin, found yourself placed at the very heart of these mighty works of God….

You are the living memory of them. You are the Church’s memory….

Mother of the Incarnate Word! You are the human heart’s immaculate sensitivity to all that is of God….


O My Jesus,  help me to be sensitive to all that you are calling me to this day. May I too hold fast to the Christian message that has been given to me. And like Mary may I ponder the message of Your Incarnation during this Advent.

PRAYING THE WAY OF THE INCARNATION: Returning to Nazareth – Day 13
December 9, 2011, 10:35 pm
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Mary was living her life according to God’s Divine Timetable. It was soon time for her to return to Nazareth and begin a new chapter in her life as God’s “handmaid”. She travels the road alone, but with God. God has a Plan, Mary has a purpose. God leads and she follows.


Lord I have proven so many times that my sense of timing and my plans are inept and shallow. I prefer Your Plan for my day God. Help me to travel the road, the hallway, each twist and turn with You unseen at my side Lord. For without You I can do nothing, but with You all things are possible.

PRAYING THE WAY OF THE INCARNATION: Visitation: A Three Month Retreat – Day 12
December 8, 2011, 7:34 pm
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Mary in the House of Elizabeth , Robert Anning Bell 1863-1933


…We know nothing of what went on during those three months, but we may presume that things continued as they began. It is not likely that Elizabeth said her ‘Ave’ only once, and only once spoke of the honour she considered it to have the Mother of God in her house. It is not likely that the unborn Forerunner never again saluted His Master, in Whose presence he so continually was. It is impossible to conceive that Mary sang God’s praises and her own unworthiness no more during those three months. And what about Jesus ? These were the first three months of His life on earth, and grace was surely going out from Him to His Blessed Mother first, and then to all who knew the secret.  ”
From Mater Christi : meditations on Our Lady(1920). Mother St. Paul


O My Jesus, the Season of Advent is a special time of preparation. Help me to prepare for Your birth today as Mary, Elizabeth, Zechariah and John prepared for Your birth. May I salute You often today with the joy of John the Baptist, may I recognize Your hidden presence as Elizabeth recognized Your presence, may I sing joyfully to You as Mary sang to You and may I offer my sufferings to You in reparation for my sins as Zechariah did during his time of penance.

PRAYING THE WAY OF THE INCARNATION: Visitation: A Three Month Retreat – Day 11
December 7, 2011, 10:09 pm
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Mary and Elisabeth Meet Zachariah
Lorenzo and Jacopo Salimbeni about 1416


How can we fail to see that the hidden protagonist in the meeting between the young Mary and the by-then elderly Elizabeth is Jesus? Mary bears him in her womb as in a sacred tabernacle and offers him as the greatest gift to Zechariah, to Elizabeth, his wife, and also to the infant developing in her womb. BENEDICT XVI
 31 May 2006

Truly the great works of God, the great mysteries of God come to pass in hiddenness, in the house of Zechariah. The whole Church will constantly recall them and will repeat with Elizabeth: “Blessed is she who believed”, and, together with Mary, the Church will sing the Magnificat.  JOHN PAUL II   12 June 1999


O My Jesus, show me how to follow your hidden example in the womb. You brought joy, love, light and reconciliation to Zechariah and Elizabeth’s house in the ordinary and unnoticed event of Mary’s visit. Help me as I go about my day today to find small hidden ways to bring you to others.

PRAYING THE WAY OF THE INCARNATION: Visitation: A Three Month Retreat – Day 10
December 6, 2011, 9:18 pm
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Visitation of Our Lady


God provided for the needs of Mary, Elizabeth, Zechariah and John during this three month visit. It was a time of prayer and meditation and religious reflection. They were all stronger afterwards and better prepared for the road ahead.


Give me strength and courage to live my life well today Lord. I want to cooperate with other members of Your Mystical Body and do Your Will. Lord, remind me appropriately, to take three seconds to pray whenever I get a chance. Because I am so weak Lord, I ask You for times today for prayer and strengthening through Your Holy Spirit. I rely entirely upon You my God.

PRAYING THE WAY OF THE INCARNATION: Exchange of Prophetic Greetings – Day 9
December 5, 2011, 10:36 pm
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Aus dem Wonnentaler Graduale:
Jesus segnet Johannes


“It is not an accident, I think, that in the Scriptures the first person, after Mary, who adored Jesus when he came into the world was St. John the Baptist…The second person who ever worshipped Jesus after Mary was an unborn baby and I think God made it that way to tell us in our day and age the worth and importance of every individual right from the very beginning of life.”  Bishop Vaughan  “The Catholic Duty to be Pro-Life”


O My Jesus, I offer you my day! Help me to listen to those around me and to greet them with love and respect. Help me to learn and pass on the lesson of the Visitation that each person no matter how insignificant they  might seem is important to You.