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Christ unborn – the first priest
January 18, 2012, 10:47 pm
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Iconic Monstrance, Our Lady of The Sign – Ark of Mercy at St. Stanislaus of Kostka Church, Chicago (Catholic New World/ Karen Callaway)

No sooner, in fact, “is the Word made flesh” (John, 1:14) than he shows Himself to the world vested with a priestly office, making to the Eternal Father an act of submission which will continue uninterruptedly as long as He lives: “When He cometh into the world he saith. . . ‘behold I come . . . to do Thy Will. (Heb. 10:5-7) This act He was to consummate admirably in the bloody Sacrifice of the Cross:  “It is in this will we are sanctified by the oblation of the Body of Jesus Christ once.” (Heb.10:10)  Pope Pius XII, Mediator Dei #17

“Everyone is called to love God with their whole heart and soul and mind and strength and to love their neighbor out of love for God. But on the night, before he died, Jesus gave us two great gifts: the gift of himself in the Eucharist and the gift of the priesthood to continue his living presence in the Eucharist.

Without priests, we have no Jesus. Without priests, we have no absolution. Without priests, we cannot receive Holy Communion.

Just as God our Father prepared a worthy dwelling place for his Son in the immaculate womb of a virgin — so it is fitting that a priest prepares himself to take the place of Jesus, the Son of God, by freely choosing priestly celibacy. Marriage and procreation are miracles of God’s love by which men and women become his co-workers, to bring new life into the world. But Jesus has clearly spoken to something even greater than that, when he said that in heaven people neither marry nor are given in marriage but live like the angels; and that there are some who have renounced marriage for the sake of the kingdom of God.

Priestly celibacy is that gift which prepares for life in heaven. Jesus calls his priest to be his co-worker in the Church, to fill heaven with God’s children.”

Priestly celibacy: Sign of the charity of Christ  by Mother Teresa of Calcutta

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can you setup a feed-through to Facebook…I would like to post some of your quotes on my Facebook account…very well done!

Comment by Bil Kimes

Thank you for the lovely meditation on celibacy and the promise and purpose of the sacerdotal life. I have been discerning a possible vocation to the priesthood for some time now and your message on the instrumentality of the priesthood for salvation and the concomitant importance of celibacy to the efficacy of the order of priests – signifer of a higher love…..greater, in its own way, even than the wonderful expressed between two married, good-hearted, and committed people who are given recourse to procreation – is wonderfully encapsulated above. However, your clear admonition that all are called to divine love is a point well taken and a constant to be borne in mind and spirit regardless of one’s particular vocation whether toward marriage or religious life.

A love of the example of the Virgin – she who said “Yes” to the Divine – has sustained me and proven a great source of inspiration for me as well as others.

I hope that I may, perhaps given the fruit of my discernment, ordain in order to serve for the greater glory, serving in celibacy, as He gestated in her womb.

Comment by Gunnar

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