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Praised be Jesus and Mary, now and forever!

Comment by Mary


Comment by ANTONIO

Thank you for your wonderful site! We have only recently discovered you, and will pass this on. God bless you guys!

Comment by Maureen Keys

Thank you for all of your pro-life efforts!

Comment by Miriam Escalante

You have a wonderful site which I am glad that i discovered recently. Be blessed.

Comment by Sidney Colin Thomas Jr

Glad you like the site. God bless!

Comment by unbornwordoftheday

Thank you Jesus and Mary for this wonderful site! I look forward to your posts! God Bless!

Comment by Ethelyn


Mary, Mystical City
where Jesus, our Savior, resides
look down on us with pity
who are carried with the tides

Will we ever fathom
the greatness of Your being
satan spitting his venom
to prevent our souls from healing

But You, God’s living Tabernacle
are constantly pointing to Your Son
to prevent us from sudden debacle
to bring us the Victory already won

We cry out to You, Oh Mystical City
to pull us out of the dangerous sinkholes
we are willing to be gritty
to save our eternal souls

Mary, our Mother spread Your Mantle over us to keep us safe in Your City.

Rita Biesemans written 11-29-2013

Comment by Riki Ribi


O Mary, Daughter of Zion
Mother of Judah’s Lion
bring us, children of Your Tribe,
to Your Son, God’s Divine Scribe

Though being the chosen people
we act as dumbed down sheeple
if we keep rejecting Him
our future looks extremely grim

Some of us accepted the Messiah
after prompts by Jeremiah
but most descendants of Judea
live as in the times of Hosea

O Virgin of Israel
bring the ones seduced by Samael
to Jeshuah Savior and Son of God
even “ceaselessly” us do prod.

Rita Biesemans, July 16 2013
Our Lady of the Mount Carmel lead us up the Mountain

Comment by Riki Ribi

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