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Honoring the Unborn Christ Child, promoting the Gospel of Life, one day at a time… Each day you will find an inspirational pro-life reflection or quote, with special emphasis on the Unborn Christ Child and the great hope we have in Him. Feel free to participate with comments, suggestions, and ideas!

FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT OUR SPONSOR’S WEBSITE: UnbornWordAlliance.com or to acquire books and prayer cards on the Unborn Christ Child click here

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What a lovely blog! Thank you — this promises to be good reading.

Comment by Cathy

I look forward to the daily postings on this blog. What a fresh and inspiring look at the Lord. Thank you.

Comment by Helen Sullivan

Very interesting blog – feel free to add Catholic Fire to your blog roll. Welcome to the blogosphere!

Thank you! We like the Pro-life message in your blog – we would be happy to link to your site.

Comment by Jean M. Heimann

God bless anyone and everyone who supports, defends, and protects the unborn child, and especially if it is done in the name of our precious Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ.

Comment by Betty Diaz

Thank you for your lovely blog.
May God bless your excellent work in defence of the unborn.I have recommended your blog to my friends.

Thanks Mario! My husband and I are new to this so we appreciate your encouraging remark.

Comment by Mario

I just happened on your website this morning? What a blessed gift! Thank you so much for following the promptings of the Holy Spirit. I will surely use this site extensively for weekly Open Line radio shows and in my Pro-Life/Pro-Family apostolate! God keep you, Barbara

Thank you Barbara, George and I both have heard you speak in the past and have greatly admired the work you were doing. God bless you, Michele

Comment by Barbara McGuigan

Great information that I can use with my Knights. I am the Pro Life Chairman for the Knights in Keller, TX. This site has good spirtiual and thoughtful materials that I can get in front of my Knights to keep them focus on Life issues and how important Life is.
Always in Christ,

Comment by Ken Ryan

Many many thanks, and congratulations for this site! I’m from Mexico and God Knows we mexicans need things like this. There are some confused people who want to attempt against the unborn here in my country. May God be with you and I will help you with my prayers and spreading the news. 🙂
saludos desde México!!
Juan José

Dear Jose,

Thank you for your kind comment. We were all upset when we heard about Mexico City’s decision. May Our Lady of Guadalupe pray for your country and mine.

God bless,

Comment by Juan José Rivera

I am very passionate and dedicated to the pro-life movement. I used to work for Right to Life of Michigan and I have been the Life Issues Representative on the Christian Service Commission at my parish for about 3 years now. May God continue to bestow his blessings upon you, your family and friends.
For Life,
Kim Kenson

Thank you Kim. I have been praying for you. May God bless you!

Comment by Kimberly Kenson

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